Sonim Announces the XPand NFC - a Slimline Modular Expansion Pack That Adds NFC Workforce Management to the Sonim XP3300 FORCE

2011-12-14, By PRNewswire
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Sonim Technologies today announces the Sonim XPand® NFC slimline modular expansion pack for the XP3300 FORCE. Together they provide the world's first ultra-rugged Near Field Communications (NFC) mobile phone with a camera and GPS. Designed especially for workforces in the security guarding, commercial cleaning services, mass transportation, field equipment maintenance and domiciliary healthcare industries, the XP3300 FORCE with XPand NFC combines indoor tracking by scanning NFC tags placed around the worksite with outdoor tracking using enterprise class GPS.

"With XPand NFC, Sonim introduces the first of a range of innovative modular expansion packs compatible with multiple current and future models of Sonim phones," said Sanjay Jhawar, VP/GM of Marketing and Applications at Sonim. "From specialized sensors and card readers to enhanced communications, the XPand system will enable Sonim to address an ever wider range of workforce management solutions – with portability, robustness and cost of ownership that traditional rugged handheld computers can't match."

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