Sonim's XP300 Force might not be smart, but it's rugged as hell

2011-02-16, By Stuart Dredge
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Stamp on the Sonim XP3300 Force, and it won't bat an eyelid (or whatever the mobile phone equivalent of an eyelid is). Drop it from 30 feet, and it'll bounce back with revenge in mind. Encase it in concrete, and it'll laugh in your face. Although, admittedly, the laugh will be somewhat muffled.

Yes, the XP3300 Force is the latest 'ultra-rugged' phone from Sonim Technologies, a company we once spotted at Mobile World Congress throwing its new handsets around a bar and grinding them against table corners in a (successful) effort to prove how indestructible they were -- although a determined ZDNet UK reporter with a nail was a different matter.

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