'Toughest' handset has B'lore connection

2012-10-02, By DH News Service
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This is a rough and tough version of the ubiquitous mobile phone which has found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.A team of 77 engineers from Bangalore have pushed the limits of ruggedness and created the world’s toughest handset as claimed by their parent company.

The team has, in consultation with teams in China and the US, successfully designed the handset which is intended to appeal to construction workers, builders, site engineers and workmen.

“...The idea behind engineering various models of such indestructible devices took birth seven years back,” said Sonim Technologies, the company which built the product.

The idea, company officials said was to make a product that provides reliability to its consumers who invest in a mobile phone that would survive any sort of rugged environment.

The model (XP1300 Core) was exhibited in public to showcase its strength. The handset was put through some tests to establish the company’s claim that it can withstand any kind of friction unlike an ordinary handset; that it can be submerged in two-metre deep water without any damage; tolerate heavy dust, shocks and vibrations, and can resist heavy rain fog and salt air for 30 minutes.

First the phone was sealed in a bottle with water, then a car ran over the phone and some other experiments were showcased here on Monday. The handset survived all the tests.

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