Rugged Smartphone Shootout: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs. Kyocera DuraForce vs. Sonim XP7

2014-12-28, By Rich Brome
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The most rugged of the three devices we tested, the Sonim XP7 is pretty much everything-proof; it is practically unbreakable. I threw it, submerged it, stepped on it and did everything but run it over with a truck (though I’m confident it would survive that, too).

We’ve covered Sonim devices before, and the company’s first smartphone lives up to the company’s well-deserved reputation. Available on TELUS and Bell, The XP7 runs stock Android 4.4 KitKat with only minor modifications to make it more business-friendly. Its 4-inch WVGA screen is washes out too easily, but the device is meant to be used, not admired. It also has some of the best reception we’ve ever seen in a smartphone, and the 4,800mAh battery lasts, if not forever, longer than you need it to.

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