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Industry Solutions

Workers in manufacturing face loud work conditions that involve hazardous chemicals and heavy equipment. Sonim delivers versatile devices, accessories and application solutions that are optimized for loud worksites to keep workers safe and the supply chain running.
Oil and Gas
There is no room for mistakes in the Oil & Gas industry. Mobile device specifications are required to be certified spark proof. Sonim is the worldwide market share leader in Intrinsically Safe mobile phones in partnership with Ecom.
Public Safety
Whether they are firefighters, police officers or paramedics rushing to an accident, they all need to get there first. Sonim ultra-rugged smartphones combine next generation technologies and applications to deliver safety everywhere.
Transportation workers face risks of being hijacked and robbed every time they start their engines. These workers often work alone in isolated areas. Sonim solutions offer worker safety and protection with asset tracking applications and in-vehicle communication solutions.
Utility workers find themselves in compromising situations on a daily basis. Climbing towers, digging trenches or descending into manholes can put worker safety at risk. Sonim solutions keep workers protected at all times.
Construction crews work in dangerous and hazardous environments everyday. They need dependable communication tools that can withstand tough worksites. Sonim devices are crush, puncture, scratch, dust and drop-proof plus come with a 3 year comprehensive warranty.

Rugged Performance Standards

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